General Information


Hans Henning-Eckstein,
Head of the Department for Vascular an Endovascular Surgery, Universitätsklinikum rechts der Isar, Technical University of Munich, Germany

Event type

Digital Conference


At the last face-to-face meeting 2019 we experienced a record participation of more than 600 attendees. In 2021 we welcomed 1.083 online participants from 71 countries from all over the world.

Target group

Vascular clinicans from all vascular medical specialities and colleagues from translational and basic research.

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Congress Organizer

wikonect GmbH | Wiesbden | Germany
+49 611 204809-266 | info@wikonect.de

Scientific Focus Topics

  • Asymptomatic carotid stenosis – multimodal management
  • Carotid- and vertebal-related ischaemic strokes
  • Atherectomy and drug eluting technologies
  • Diabetic foot syndrom
  • Antithrombotic and lipid management in vascular medicine
  • Vascular surgery under war conditions in Ukraine
  • Superficial varicosis – thermal and non-thermal therapy
  • Deep venous thrombosis – recanalization or anticoagulation
  • Long term outcomes after aortic repair
  • Type II endoleaks after EVAR and TEVAR
  • Technological advances for vascular specialists (navigation, AI and others)
  • Training for future vascular specialists
  • VACSULAR ACCESS Symposium: percutaneous av-access and other hot topics


Dear colleagues, dear friends
it is our pleasure to invite you very cordially to the 11th MUNICH VASCULAR CONFERENCE (MAC). Due to the ongoing Covid-19 related uncertainties the 11th MAC will be organized as a 2-day virtual symposium on December 2nd and 3rd, 2022.

Prof. Hans-Henning Eckstein

Since the original concept of MAC – where doctors meet science – was so well- received by the international vascular community, we took the decision to continue with an online MAC FOCUS concept, rather than to cancel the 11th MAC completely.


MAC FOCUS stands for two days (rather than three) of outstanding talks, vibrant discussions and as much as possible interaction with online participants from all over the world. The scientific faculty will be composed by world-class speakers and opinion leaders in the field of arterial and venous diseases as well as experts for artificial intelligence and computer-assisted planning and navigation in the hybrid OR. Contentwise we will address multiple critical aspects of endovascular, open surgical and best medical treatment options for our vascular patients. All sessions will be moderated by experienced colleagues, who are able to create vivid and constructive discussions.
Parallel to the main sessions our “interactive channel” will be filled up with meet-the- expert-sessions (e.g. on vascular anomalies), case discussion (live in a box) and online-workshops.

In any case the 11th MAC/MAC FOCUS will continue to be a platform of mutual exchange between vascular clinicians from all vascular medical specialties and colleagues from translational and basic research.

In 2021 we were able to welcome almost 1.100 online participants, who appreciated the choice of topics, the outstanding quality of the talks from our international world- class faculty and the ideal opportunity for discussions. Therefore, we are absolutely convinced, that the 11th MAC FOCUS is concept is interesting for the vascular community. So, join the 11th MAC FOCUS in 2022!

Prof. Hans-Henning Eckstein,
on behalf of the organizing committee of the MUNICH VASCULAR CONFERENCE (MAC).

The 11th MAC will be organized in close cooperation with
wikonect GmbH /Wiesbaden/Germany.